our inspiration

It is a story actually and there were many situations that inspired/contributed. You may also find that it is a common back story for any entrepreneur in sustainability. 

Our son was born in 2010 and just like any mother, I wanted to ensure what he ate was healthy and I really wanted to bake for him. So I joined a professional baking program and through that I learnt quite a bit about the ingredients that go into off the shelf baked products. Then I started researching  more and it was like a rabbit hole.

In 2012 we came across this video of a family in California who were living off their 10k sq.ft. property. A homestead they called it. We watched the video and we just couldn’t stop talking about it and we knew what we wanted to do and plan for. Ours was a joint family so we couldn’t leave everything behind, so we decided to start small and experiment with growing some vegetables at home and composting. I also started experimenting with DIYs just so I could reduce my personal contribution to plastic waste. Then I discovered what I was doing had a term – zero-waste living. I was constantly looking for non-toxic, natural alternatives for home care. But back then there wasn’t a consistent supply and what was available was expensive plus mostly ineffective. I hadn’t thought about starting something of my own even then. 

A big initiator was my mom-in-law’s passing away of cancer and then losing my father within the same year. The two deaths kind of made me pause and rethink what I was doing with my life, the job (yes 17 years in the corporate sector) and whatever I was doing, was it worthwhile or am I pushing everything I want to do towards the later years of life for post-retirement when there was no such thing as post-retirement?

By this time we had already invested in a tiny plot of land where we could build our house in a remote area. Now we wanted to learn how to go about growing food. So one by one my husband and I learned Permaculture at Aranya. We realised a tiny plot wouldn’t be sufficient and se we decided to put all our savings in a 1.5 acre plot of land.

Now we are developing it using Permaculture principles. In 2019, after attending the Permaculture program, I had the clarity that I could offer whatever I knew by sharing the work and ideas I had by building community and also products that could help people make the transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

We believe there are no greys in the ways of
sustainability and planet love.

Either you care or you don't.

Either you do something and act or you don't.

Either you are interested in doing what is right by
the planet and its ecosystems or you are not.

Either you are sustainable or you are not.

we help individuals, communities, organizations, and changemakers eliminate the grey and take simple but concrete steps in sustainability.