Our tribe loves what they do



Founder of Swadharani Conscious Living, a Permaculture Farmer and Sustainability practitioner and Advocate



Showing leadership at various levels is key in activating change. Vivek brings immense experience and diverse perspectives when it comes to anything Leadership, Strategy, Business or Systemic thinking. He is super funny (but you need to be in his inner circle;)) a founder at Pragyan Advisory and our dear mentor and guide.



Sustainability is intrinsically linked to conscious choices. Vidisha is a Conscious Life Coach, a Heal Your Life Facilitator and a very dear friend who gives us the much needed reality check when needed. Her deep experience and anecdotal style of communicating are a huge asset in bringing the dimension of consciousness alive in our work.



Julie Baretta

An educator at heart, passionate about yoga, sustainability, and words – she facilitates spaces across cultures to explore ideas, feelings and beliefs through vulnerability and active listening. She believes having such « confident and compassionate » conversations can lead to real transformations in our lives. Julie brings in the much needed international perspective to the project through her work in Europe.



Living in sync and harmony with nature is a certain milestone in sustainability. Shweta through her work helps our community reconnect with alive foods and traditional ways of living. She is an artist, a dancer, a sustainable fashion designer and a vegan.