The farm and its view

For a long time now, we have been longing for a space of our own. Space that allows us to settle and flourish. Just like how the roots of a plant allow it to stand ground and also grow to heights and horizons. By their very nature, roots provide for the plant to flower and fruit; and enjoy the spectacular journey that the plant makes by being there. They are like nurturing parents, in the background and always ensuring enough nourishment for their children to reach their fullest potential. 

Home to us is just that. Our roots. While we have been very clear of what a home means to us, our definition of its shape and structure has been evolving. From aspiring to make a 3BHK our home to saving up to book a row-house. We have moved from small to big to bigger spaces in our heads in the past. But this thought process, which initially seemed definitive, would eventually seem compulsive and a true-copy of somebody else’s definition of a ‘good-life in a beautiful home’. I say compulsive because deep down Manu and I knew we are nature’s kids. We are our best when we are with nature. Just like many other couples, we too started with dreams of making it big in the corporate world, owning all the luxuries and jet-setting. We are at the midpoint of our lives now and our understanding of ourselves and the world around has led us to place where we would like our lives to be lead by simplicity and balance — within us and around us. 

This site is a part journaling part sharing project for us. Through our conversations with many people, friends and family, we have come to realise that we are not the only ones aspiring for simplicity and balance. This is a way for us to share any learning and lessons from our own journey we are taking towards a simplistic and sustainable lifestyle, that enriches our life, our family’s and also the community we live in.

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  1. Puneet Goel

    Hi Anu

    I Heartly appreciate and respect your efforts for mother earth.
    This unconditional love is truly inspiring.

    I m proud that I am one of your friends and I commit that I will definitely go through your posts to help me achieve sustainable lifestyle..


    1. Anu

      Thanks so much, Puneet!! 🙂 Keep reading and spreading the joy of minimal waste

  2. Kirthish Jain

    Finally had peaceful time to go through your website/’s pretty good work and some of it even I forgot to implement. I wish you and manu all the very best for this journey in sustainable living and wish you both success and peace..


    1. Anu

      Thanks, Krish! Hope we keep reminding each other about what truly matters and staying the course.

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