Sustainability’s dictionary meaning is the ability to maintain at a certain level and when it comes to the environment, it primarily means to avoid depletion of natural resources in order to maintain ecological balance. However, when we look at it from the context of human systems and the process that are followed within these systems to generate products and services, sustainability starts to take a more flexible avatar. Its definition and scope vary from person to person and the intent with which people pursue it. 

Now, each day we interact with so many things and natural resources (yes – air, water and soil if you are wondering what natural resources) and each interaction has a ripple effect and a consequence on us and everything around us.

So, to set the scope straight at the outset, through the 26 Days of Type for Sustainable Living, we will be focusing on ideas and actions that each one of us can take from our homes to reduce our own impact on the environment. When I say impact, it means the consequence of our little, everyday actions which negatively affect our immediate to regional environments and ecologies. Environment and ecology include flora, fauna, soil, air, waterways and last but not the least the natural balance that exists in the relationship each life form has with each other.

So – 26 Letters of the English alphabet, 26 Days and 26 beautiful, impactful and doable ideas. Thanks for allowing Swadhaarani this opportunity. We look forward to co-creating a wonderful, livable world for all us now and the future. Ready?

Love and grace.

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