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Swadhaarani is primarily a sustainability organization and everything we do under it – the products we offer, the knowledge sharing sessions, formal programs, the content we generate, are all coincidental and aligned towards our mission – to help individuals, communities, and organizations reduce their negative impact on neighborhood environment and ecosystems. 

There are three guiding ethics in everything we do and create – Earth care, People care, and Fair-share. These come from Permaculture. The three ethics also help us meet the three dimensions of sustainability – environment, equity, and economics.

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As an Organization

Our programs so far do not have a fee. People attend and pay per their heart. We’ve been able to engage with close to a thousand people since we started in 2020 through these sessions and we run a small community on Facebook called ‘Sustainable living Everyday’. We are launching a program for schools called ‘Sustainability for Classrooms’ so kids can engage with UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and circular thinking proactively.