When I think about where this whole ‘questioning about what we are consuming’ thing started, I guess toothpaste was the first everyday item that made me wonder. From relishing its minty taste as a child and sometimes also swallowing it (not-so) accidentally, to reading the fine print on the carton and going ‘that’s a lot of chemicals’– I’ve come a long way with this necessary evil.

Once I started researching about our friendly-bathroom toothpaste, there was plenty of material available that declared the white paste both evil as well as safe… I found an interesting article on Experience Life ( https://experiencelife.com/article/safe-toothpaste/ ). Clearly floride is not very welcome and also the very many chemicals that are mentioned in the fine print. Add to that the packging and the plastic used and discarded with every piece.

For the past couple of weeks I finally mustered the courage to ditch the minty freshness for something more hand-made and rustic. I was keen to experiment if a home-made solution to clean, white and fresh teeth can be as good as a store bought product. The goal was to go zero-waste and zero-toxic chemicals. The ingredients I trusted were everyday kitchen items (recipe to follow).

  • Baking soda (1 tsp)
  • Salt (1 pinch)
  • Coconut oil (1 tsp or lesser)
  • Mint essential oil (a drop or two)

Just mix all of the ingredients together and scoop some onto the toothbrush (or the finger, if you want to go more rustic). At least that is what I did. It worked! Trust me. It did. While I wasn’t left with any frothy freshness, the result was equally good. My mouth did not stink and the teeth were clean. I used little water too to rinse out my mouth and the toothbrush. That definitely was a second win!

Have been using the mix for a couple of weeks now and do not see why I’d shift back to a tube. Unless I am travelling and in a rush!

I’d encourage you give the recipe a try and if there are other nuskhaas that you have, do share with us.



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